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I was introduced to Adele 12 months ago by a colleague who had been mentored by Adele. I had seen a dramatic change in the way my colleague worked and a significant increase in his level of self-confidence.

 When I met Adele, I was at a ‘stalemate’ position in my career.  On first meeting Adele, I realised she had a significantly different approach to mentoring than I had previously experienced in my previous sessions. I found this approach personally challenging, however, this approach  enabled me to understand what makes me tick, the values I hold dear, and to rationalise truthfully why I held myself back from applying for more senior, challenging roles. The focus of  my mentoring was not about my job/ work role but about me as an individual. Adele asks those difficult questions that you do not wish to answer yourself or have avoided and put into the ‘too difficult’ box.

Twelve months on, I am in a completely different place both professionally and personally. I have significantly grown in self-confidence and self-belief and feel able to put myself forward for new challenges I would previously have shied away from.



 Adele has been working with me as a coach for over 12 months and has been the first person who has been able to move me from a fairly negative perspective on where I was in my career to focussing on what I could influence, why I was failing to either take action or move on and ultimately into a post I wanted to achieve. Adele is an excellent listener and is able to ask those questions which make you stop, think and reflect on things. She challenges but in a constructive way and does not avoid any of the what could be perceived as difficult areas such as home v work or underlying feelings associated with behaviour.



I was going through an incredibly difficult period in my working life and had reached a point where I could no longer see a way to positively manage the situation. Adele helped me to refocus on the important elements of the role.  She encouraged me to reflect on my situation and to build strategies that I could take back to try in the workplace.  Alongside the practical support, the most important thing Adele gave me was a renewed belief in me.  Adele challenged the self-limiting beliefs I had developed and, although not always easy, this helped me to regain the self-confidence I had lost somewhere along the way.

Adele has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer. I have recently secured a new exciting job opportunity.  Thanks to the support Adele has given me.



I have received mentoring support from Adele for over two years; I have found her input and guidance to be invaluable. Adele has helped me formulate my goals, ambitions and the pathways to achieving them. Adele has an honest, balanced and real world approach to matters and this personal integrity has ensured a trust based relationship which allows such matters to be  discussed. I have benefitted indirectly through promotions and pay increases and more directly by being given the support and tools I need to navigate my career development in the future.