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Leadership for Growth


 This Programme is currently closed and will reopen in 2016 for more information please complete the form below

 We can work with the board to mentor and enable them to identify and develop their leadership style, enabling the business to solve the real issues during this 6 months programme

 This programme gives the most senior people in your business the Mind-Set, confidence and drive to deliver change.

 This programme doesn’t teach you how to run a business - you’re already doing that. Through working with your senior

leaders and board, the programme aids you in establishing what the ethical culture of your business is, how having the right culture can promote and nurture your employees, and how exploring this subject can create a positive environment. It prepares you for a new chapter in your businesses development – identifying the Mind- Set, challenges, defining the strategy and creating a practical, applicable action plan.


This programme will

Move you from doing to directiing

Make significant changes in your leadership thinking

Build a more effective management team

Get the most from your people

Implement strategic business improvements


Leadership for Growth is designed for senior and board-level professionals running ambitious, high-growth businesses.



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