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 The Life You Create

I am and have always been passionate about helping people to reach their goals and have the life that they at times only dare to dream about.

I was never sure how I was going to be able to do this but as with many things in life I knew that if I asked the right questions one day the answer would reveal itself to me. 

I now firmly believe that living the life you desire is attainable by anyone if you truly believe it, have faith and know the correct steps to take. This is not something that I always thought.

I have had many senior and executive positions in my life but I am never happier than when I am working with a client, group or business to enable them to grow into the person, business or entity they were destined to be. I feel blessed and privileged each day to be able to help my clients find the way that is perfect for them to change their life and business forever.

Fourteen years ago I had a major jolt to my personal life. I realised that my life and my emotions had for the vast majority of my adult life been in other people’s hands. I had, had enough. It was time for me to be the author of the book called my life.

I was terrified when I started this journey and my own business but I knew that I enjoyed helping people and that I was a natural giver, so I decided to move past the limitations and fears I had felt for most of my life, like not being good enough, lacking in self-worth, self-love and confidence and do something I had always yearned to do which was to become a life coach.

When I started in business I didn’t know how to approach prospective clients or how to market my business. As the weeks went by and no clients appeared I even doubted my ability and myself. Throughout these times something inside me kept telling me not to quit. I guess I always knew I would succeed but spent a long time struggling, getting the wrong advice from the wrong people and definitely being in the wrong place. This has all enabled me to grow as a business woman and person, learning a lot of valuable lessons along the way. 

There are lots of people out there, I learnt, who are willing to take your money for the wrong advice and no lasting results, but there are a great deal more decent individuals willing to help if you only ask.

My Aha moment changed my Life forever

Learning to have the right mind set, faith and belief and continuing to take action is key

With the right support I was able to turn things around, enabling me to fulfil a lifelong ambition to be of service and support individuals and businesses to change the mind-set that had for the vast majority of my life kept me stuck and playing small. This mind-set continues to keep many thousands of people stuck or struggling, helping them to remove the limitations and belief systems that currently are holding them back allowing them to be their authentic self, be happier, grow their business, get that promotion, no-longer feel stuck, make money and have more valuable free time, was what I set out to achieve.

I know spend my days showing clients and businesses how to achieve their goals and claim the life or business they have always dreamed of. 

I love what I do, it enables me to draw on the many life experiences I have had both positive and negative ,coupled with my passion and desire to coach and mentor in my own unique style.

In a world that is fast and hectic and where the thinking often is that everything is expendable, PEOPLE matter, YOU matter.

I firmly believe in business that people are at the heart and if the whole person is not embraced within a business progression can be slow if not impossible. This is equally true on an individual level. You have to embrace who you are and how you currently see your world before there is true progression. A business has to fully embrace and understand its people, and the market place it sits within and the business landscape before it can sustain growth, which is why I believe it is important to work with all my clients to get their mind-set right. This is crucial to solve any problems that they wish to solve and move their life and business forward, reach their goal and progress to sustainable growth of any sort. I have found that this is a proven method which works time and time again.

Stop doubting yourself, YOU have the gifts, skills and power to succeeded.

When I first started to learn about the power that we all hold and the potential we all have to change and mould our lives the way we want them to be I used to feel frustrated. I would see and meet brilliant, heart centred people who wanted to make a real tangible, sustainable difference to their life and the life of others, they knew what they desired but where unsure how to attain it, many of them felt stuck by the limitations that they had taken ownership of without ever knowing it, a feeling I remember well. It stopped them from getting the promotion they wanted, moving their business forward, making enough money, getting their work and home life balance right, many have even forgot how to love themselves.

I feel immensely privileged to be a catalyst for growth within all of my client’s lives